Why “Life With No Onions” you ask? My husband has an onion allergy. And over the past few years we have discovered that even onion powder or  salt can create the same allergic reaction. Luckily, he can have garlic… and we might go a little garlic crazy, but when one of the major bases of most meals is completely out of the question, you do what needs to be done. This has made grocery shopping more difficult – onion hides everywhere – so we have become avid label readers! In most of my recipes, onions can be added – I’ll make a note on that for you – but from one onion lover to another, life with no onions isn’t bad at all!

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. – Voltaire

Who doesn’t LOVE food? Growing up in a country kitchen I have a love for making food, especially from scratch. I have a desire to create a recipe book one of these days with all the recipes I grew up with and a few that I have grown to love in the years since I have left home… and my desire is that all the photos in this book are taken by me! So to challenge me further in getting this project moving forward and to inspire me to create and find our next favourite meal…

Welcome to… 

Life With No Onions


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