Once again the Insomnia bug has hit me.

So I leave the comfort of my warm bed, crawl out quietly as to not disturb the night owl that attempts to sleep beside me and here I sit in the living room, lights dimmed and wide awake.

It’s always nights like these that I wish for one of two things – or realistically, one thing, but I would be happy if I could accomplish 2 when 1 isn’t attainable!
1. That I could fall asleep
2. That I could be productive if I have to be awake!

Alas, if 1. can’t happen, it generally means that 2. can’t happen because I’ll either be too loud and wake up those fortunate enough to sleep… or because my head is too fuzzy and blurred to do anything productive!

So instead…
I try to read: I got 4 pages in before I had to stop. Focus was waning. And once you have read the same sentence 8 times and think that you need to read it again… you know its’ time to quit!
I check my emails: Nothing new.
I look at Facebook: Two minutes later…
I see if there are any new YouTube Video’s to watch: No new ones, 10 minutes of browsing

I then think… “I should be productive”
Dishes: Too loud
Cleaning: Too loud
Photo Editing: Big computer in bedroom. It would be too loud to get it
Emails: Do I have anyone I need to write too? I am coherent enough to try?
Blog: Here  I am. Writing absolutely nothing important or productive… but hopefully, it’s causing my brain to fatigue more and soon I shall be able to join the land of sleep!

But for now… I might see what good things can be found of Pinterest. Or watch some Vines.

And – Happy Saturday morning to my Canadian friends!



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