Burger Time!

Today I share with you, what is probably going to be the first of many unfortunate onion story!

My husband and I had a meeting today just before lunch. By the end of the meeting we both were thinking of replenishing our thirst and hunger so we decided to go to the plaza and get some lunch before heading home.

So we went to check out a place that we have heard about lots. We looked at the menu and couldn’t see that there would be too many issues. It was only burgers after-all.

“Lean beef patty with cheese, salad, relish & herbed mayo on a traditional bun”

Doesn’t that sound good? In true Aussie style, I upgraded to a burger with egg , bacon & beetroot too! But for Cam, he kept it simple.

We ordered, making sure that the ‘salad’ was just a fancy word for lettuce and that it would include no onion.

We made our way to our seats with our drinks and waited for the burgers to arrive.

A few minutes later, our burgers arrived. I should have taken a photo – because there was just no way that I was going to fit that burger in my mouth, let alone hold it without the contents spilling! I didn’t win any graceful eating awards with this one! I think by the time I got to my 10th bite, I managed to find the actual patty!

However, on Cam’s third bite… a resounding “Oh no, this isn’t good” was exclaimed! And he opened it up to reveal onion chunks in the relish! But it was too late. Not much could be done by this point. We scrapped off as much as we could but that was about all we could do. Oh, and take an antihistamine to hopefully counter react some of the onion contamination.

The moral of the story: We now have learnt that relish will most likely contain onions. And when we return to this restaurant, it’ll be relish free burgers for Cam!



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